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The Webpage of M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. is intended to provide information on the company, its activities and the services it offers to the public in general. M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. reserves the right to make changes, at any time and without warning, to the information contained in its web site. M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. is not responsible for any consequences, damages or harm that arise from access to its website, the use made of the information it contains or access to other material in Internet through links contained therein.


All exploitation rights are reserved. The intellectual property rights to the website, graphic design and codes are held by M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. This company exclusively owns the rights to exploitation in any form, especially the rights to reproduce, distribute, public communication and transformation. Conditions for partial reproduction:

    That the source is expressly given.
    That it is done to obtain the information contained and not for a commercial purpose nor for ends other than individual or private.
    That no content included in this website is modified in any way.
    That no element available on the website is used, copied or distributed separately from the text or other content that accompanies it.
    That certified authorisation for reproduction be obtained from M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. following a request for said authorisation in writing.
    That the elements to be reproduced are not later ceded to a third party or installed in a server connected to Internet or a local area net.


The links that may appear on this page are for informational purposes alone. M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. shall not be liable for any information contained in said web pages.Any references made in the web page of M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the trade, commercial name or the manufacturer or supplier, being property of others does not represent or involve support, sponsorship or recommendation of M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U..


    M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U.shall not be liable for any problems that may arise due to improper use of its content and reserves the right to update or eliminate it at any time, to limit or stop access to it, temporarily or definitively.   
    M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. shall not be liable for any information not contained on these web pages and, thus, not drawn up by M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. or published under its name.
    M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. shall not be liable for any discrepancies that might arise between the printed versions of its documents and the electronic versions of same published on its web pages.
    M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. shall not be liable for any use that minors might make of the website. M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. shall not be liable should the contents of the website disturb or offend minors in any way. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure proper usage of a tool such as the Internet and to supervise minors in any session.


M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. is committed to protecting the privacy of the information of its clients, users and visitors and to complying with all the legal requirements in force.

In agreement with the Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, established on December 13, M.R. FABRICACIÓN, S.A.U. is committed to ensuring compliance with the privacy of personal data and security procedures related to the storage of information, and will take any necessary action to prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized handling or access, considering the current technological status.


    All data collected by means of forms, electronic mails or other means will be solely and exclusively used for the purpose stated in the form the user fills in.
    We will not give the user's data to third parties, nor sell or share them.
    We will not contact any user unless it is strictly necessary for the service required.
    Users have the right to obtain the information related to their data as well as to change, cancel or oppose them, by sending an email.

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